Take Your Quality Data to the Next Level

CareAdopt gives quality analysts the tools they need to upgrade their data program. Find insights from data and benchmarking to determine which focus quality programs and care management teams should have within your care facility.

Upgrade Your Quality Data

Uncover the Most Impactful Patients

An astonishing 5% of the patient population encompasses 48% of all health care costs. Through CareAdopt, a care facility can create focus, and identify the specific patients they will have the greatest impact on for outcomes improvements.

Learn How You Stack Up

A department or care facility can determine if their quality metrics are performing well through comparing their metrics within their own system or to other neighboring hospitals. Through CareAdopt, analysts can make these valuable benchmarks.

Focus On The Metrics

CareAdopt enables data analysts to take the guessing game out of the data. Through our tools, analysts can be informed about how healthy their patient population is and how well their care facility is caring for them.

Stratify And Manage Care

Want to see a specific patient segment? Stratify a patient population based on patient risk factors to focus on a specific patient type. Then, enroll patients directly into care management programs. Wah-lah, quality improvements!


  • Do you integrate with electronic medical records (EMR)?

    We sure do! Let’s bring in all the data we can get our hands on. CareAdopt has experience integrating with all types of EMR systems including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, etc. You name it, we have worked with it.

  • Can I use the data solution alone without the care management application?

    You sure can. CareAdopt is designed to improve quality and care. This is why the data solution and care management application work so well with each other. However, if you are wanting to use the data solution alone, by all means you can do so, it is an amazing solution.

  • What if I am not a data analyst?

    Our solution is so intuitive anyone of any skillset or background can take advantage of the data solution. Whether you are a sole practitioner, a large integrated health system, a care manager or a data analyst, you can take advantage of CareAdopt’s Patient Health Analytics application.

A Few Ways We Will Make You Thrilled

Built Just For You

Do you want an intuitive, powerful data platform to support all your quality improvements? CareAdopt has you covered and built a data platform just for you.

Data Which Illuminates

Go from holding your breath and hoping you’ll find some direction for quality improvements, to a data platform which will illuminate the quality opportunities for you.

Happily Benchmarking

Comparing the results of quality improvement across a department, care facility, or within a disease state can be exhausting. Lucky for you, we can do all the heavy lifting.

Easy and Flexible

Our platform is so easy to use. Get to your data in quick and know what you need to do even quicker. Don’t get held up with rigid and frustrating technology.

Top of Your Game

We make two, three or even four of you. We provide efficiencies, pre-built reports, patient segmentation which empowers you to find more opportunities and effect change on your patient population.

White Glove Service

We don’t let a new technology service scare our clients. We’ve got you covered. Our white glove service creates seamless implementations, happy support, and thrilled clients.