Care For Patients Like Never Before.

CareAdopt gives care providers the tools they need to ensure care is adopted after discharge and in-between visits. Give patients the tools they need to self-manage their care all while turning your care team into rock stars. Empower your care team to coach and support patients in adopting their care.

Level Up Your Care Management

Dynamic Care Plans

Enroll your patients into dynamic digital care plans so you can support them when they are at home. Keep patients fully invested in the treatment of their condition. We help you, help your patients, keep their eyes on the target: patients self-managing their care.

Real-Time Patient Feedback

Instead of hearing about the emergency room visit or unplanned hospital stay after the fact, have real-time feedback from patients. Know when a patient’s condition starts becoming risky before there is a crisis.

Engagement & Outcomes Measurement

Using CareAdopt, you can know if your care management program is providing quality improvement for your patients. Every patient and patient segment enrolled in a digital care plan can be measured to determine the success of the program.

Unified Care Team Coordination

We provide you with the ease to easily communicate and coordinate care with the rest of the care team. Beautiful connections within a unified care team can be created within CareAdopt to support one whole patient remotely.


  • Not enough staff? CareAdopt provides care managers and psychiatric consultants!

    If you are looking to add chronic care or psychiatric care management services, but don’t have the staff to support it, CareAdopt can connect you to our network and provide local in-person support or remote support through telehealth or telepsychiatry.

  • Is CareAdopt's care management reimbursable?

    As a matter of fact, it is. Starting January 1, 2018 all the care management services offered by CareAdopt are reimbursable. This includes the psychiatric and chronic care services. On average, care providers can add $150,000 of additional reimbursements per physician per year.

  • Do you integrate with electronic medical records (EMRs)?

    Absolutely. CareAdopt has experience integrating with all types of EMR systems including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, etc. You name it, we have worked with it.

A Few Ways We Will Make You Thrilled

Built for Just You

Tired of using a pen and paper to track your care management? CareAdopt was designed from the ground up for a care manager to support what you specifically do.

Data Which Illuminates

Go from randomly spreading care management seeds across your patient population to hunting the patients which will receive the greatest impact from remote care management.

All the Little Things

There are so many little things involved in care management like billing, time-tracking and care team management. CareAdopt has you covered, we’ve built those “little things” right into the application.

Easy and Flexible

Our platform is so easy to use. Get to your patients' information quick and know what you need to do even quicker. Don’t get held up with rigid and frustrating technology.

Top of Your Game

We turn you into two, three or even four of you. We provide efficiencies and automation which empowers you to service more patients and provide more complete care.

White Glove Service

We don’t let a new technology service scare our clients. We’ve got you covered. Our white glove service creates seamless implementations, happy support, and thrilled clients.