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Pioneering Quality Improvements within a Healthcare Organization

Instituting change in large organizations that have firm patterns is difficult. Creating sustainable change is possible if you have the proper tools and motivation to help improve the quality of healthcare provided by your organization.

The Power of Remote Care Coordination

Patients with multiple chronic conditions cost up to seven times as much as patients with only one chronic condition. Learn how providing added hands-on services to the top high-cost and high-complexity patients can create a great financial and clinical impact on your healthcare organization.

Four Keys of a Modern Care Management Program

As healthcare organizations look at the entire patient experience, the find they can decrease the cost of care, improve patient outcomes, elevate patient experience, and even increase reimbursements through modernizing their care management program.

Patient Health Analytics Provides Better Outcomes

Patient health data is the blueprint for better patient outcomes. By understanding patient health data, a healthcare organization can stratify their patient population including 1) Uncovering a population’s demographics, 2) Identify a patient population’s social determinants, 3) Uncover risk factors for patient care adoption, 4) Utilize indexes and models to measure risk.