About Us

CareAdopt Inc. is dedicated to making the lives of individuals young and old better through leading technology and services. We want everyone to live a happy and healthy life. Our team is full of dedicated, passionate, and fun teammates. We are looking to change the world at CareAdopt Inc.

At CareAdopt, we are a community. We have organized ourselves to provide equal voice and opportunity from the new hire to the CEO.

Passion is central to everything we are doing. We passionately want to assist the patients and providers we serve.

Our team, our technology, and our services are centered on showing up and performing the best every day and every night.

We want all of our team to realize their goals and potential and be able to reach beyond day-to-day work to achieve new highest in their careers and skillset.

Our goal is to provide leading-edge technology and services. We desire to be the solution our clients enthusiastically experience and use.

CareAdopt is nothing without its team. We value collaboration, open communication, excellence, and fun.