Supporting the whole patient creates healthy and satisfied patients.

At CareAdopt, we provide care management technology and services to support the whole patient. By investing in the support of the patient's chronic disease and mental condition, care facilities can create a holistic healthcare environment, improving quality and outcomes and creating healthier and happier patients.

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Enabling Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management

Patients with psychiatric conditions frequently go untreated. Through CareAdopt, care teams can take advantage of technology to enable Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) and Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management (CoCM) to fully support the needs of the patient.

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Empowering Chronic Care Management

At CareAdopt, we empower patients with technology and services to manage high-risk chronic diseases. We give care teams the tools they need to make care management for chronic patients the crowning jewel of their care facility. We upgrade a facility's chronic care management.

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Elevating Care Teams

Care Teams who take advantage of CareAdopt can care for more patients and provide greater pro-active care. Through CareAdopt, care teams can improve the quality of care and decrease the resources required to support high-risk patients. Do more with less.

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Supercharging Data Analysts

Mining data and digging around for answers limits a data analyst’s ability to find ways to support patients. Using CareAdopt can quickly illuminate gaps in care, areas of improvement and ways to improve the health and wellness of a patient population.

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We believe the best care management comes from addressing the whole patient.

CareAdopt enables care management teams to support a patient’s chronic disease and their psychiatric condition. By treating the whole patient, care facilities are on top of all factors related to the long-term health and wellness of their high-risk patient population.

  • Increase Reimbursements

    Improve patient care and get reimbursed for it. Every care management plan in CareAdopt is reimbursable adding on average $150,000 of reimbursements per physician.

  • Decrease Cost of Care

    Today 5% of the patient population encompasses 48% of all healthcare costs. Support high-cost, high-risk patients remotely and decrease unnecessary emergency room visits, cost per episode, and more.

  • Improve Quality of Care

    On average 10% of patients with depression get treatment. Using CareAdopt, all patients can get the support and treatment they require to fully adopt care. Improve care for psychiatric and chronic patients.

Care Management For the Whole Patient

Did you know 35% of diabetic patients have depression? Whole patient care supports the chronic disease and psychiatric condition.

Add Team Members To Your Care Team

Does your care facility want to expand their care team for psychiatric and chronic care management? Do you lack the staff? CareAdopt has developed a nationwide network of care managers and psychiatric consultants.

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